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How to Use a
Fire Extinguisher
The PASS method =
Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep
Pull the pin at the top of the fire extinguisher that keeps the handle from being accidentally pressed.
Aim the nozzle toward the base of the fire that you want to extinguish.
Squeeze the handle of the fire extinguisher while standing about 8 feet away from the fire.
Sweep the nozzle back and forth at the base of the fire.  After the fire appears to be out, watch carefully for it may re-ignite.
you PASS!
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Central Fire Protection sells, services and installs fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems and equipment in southern Minnesota. Central Fire Protection Inc. is a full service fire extinguisher and fire suppression system sales, service and installation company located in New Prague, Minnesota.
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Central Fire Protection Services
Annual Maintenance & Certification
On an annual basis each Fire Extinguisher shall be inspected to include the following.
Visual Examination for any signs of dents, rust, corrosion or other shell damage. Central Fire Protection Services include annual maintenance, inspection and certification of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Suppression Systems.
Check Pressure gauge to insure unit is fully charged.
Remove discharge hose and inspect for signs of blockage.
Remove pin and replace tamper seal.
Check handle and lever.
Check mounting bracket to ensure unit is installed securely and on correct hook/bracket.
Make sure Fire Extinguisher is accessible.
Check hazard application to ensure proper type of Fire Extinguisher matches any potential fire.
Clean extinguisher if needed.
Locate latest test date to determine if the Fire Extinguisher requires a cylinder hydro-test or 6 year internal inspection.
Attach new service tag and return to proper location.
6 Year Internal Inspection
Six years after manufacture date all Dry Chemical, Halon and Halotron Fire Extinguishers are required to be discharged, disassembled, rebuilt and recharged before being certified and put back into service.  This service would include the following.
Discharge of all chemicals. Central Fire Protection services include long term maintenance and inspection of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Suppression Systems.
Remove the Fire Extinguisher head for rebuilding.
Clean all internal and external parts.
Replace "O" ring.
Examine valve stem and replace if needed.
Examine inside of cylinder for any pitting of cylinder wall and proper discharge of extinguishing agent.
Fill cylinder with proper chemical and place verification collar on neck of cylinder.
Reassemble and pressurize the Fire Extinguisher to the proper pressure level..
Attach new service tag and return to service..
Cylinder Hydrostatic Test
Fire Extinguisher cylinders must be pressure tested periodically to check for structural weaknesses.  Dry Chemical, Halon and Halotron extinguishers are tested at intervals of 12 years.  Carbon Dioxide, Water and Class K extinguishers are tested at intervals of 5 years.  At this time, the steps taken for 6 year internal inspections would also be performed.
Fire Extinguisher Recharge
Whenever a Fire Extinguisher is discharged a recharge is required before placing that extinguisher back in service.  This process is exactly the same process used for a 6 year internal inspection.
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