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How to Use a
Fire Extinguisher
The PASS method =
Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep
Pull the pin at the top of the fire extinguisher that keeps the handle from being accidentally pressed.
Aim the nozzle toward the base of the fire that you want to extinguish.
Squeeze the handle of the fire extinguisher while standing about 8 feet away from the fire.
Sweep the nozzle back and forth at the base of the fire.  After the fire appears to be out, watch carefully for it may re-ignite.
you PASS!
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Central Fire Protection sells, services and installs fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems and equipment in southern Minnesota. Central Fire Protection Inc. is a full service fire extinguisher and fire suppression system sales, service and installation company located in New Prague, Minnesota.
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Fire Extinguishers
At Central Fire Protection Inc. we offer a full line of Fire Extinguishers for sale to meet your needs. 
ABC Dry Chemical ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher             Class D Dry Powder Class D Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher   Purple K Purple K Fire Extinguisher
Class K Wet Chemical Class K Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher   Water Water Fire Extinguisher
Halotron Halotron Fire Extinguisher   Water Mist Water Mist Fire Extinguisher
Regular BC Dry Chemical Regular BC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher   Wheeled Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
Contact Us to discuss your fire safety needs and which Fire Extinguisher is right for you.
Types of Fires   Types of Extinguishers
Class A

wood, paper, rubber,fabrics
and many plastics

Class A Fire Extinguishers symbol
Class B

gasoline, oils, paint, lacquer
and tar

Class B Fire Extinguishers symbol
Class C


Class C Fire Extinguishers symbol
Class D


Class D Fire Extinguishers symbol
Class K

COOKING MEDIA vegetable or
animal oils and fats

Class K Fire Extinguishers symbol
Always select the right type of Fire Extinguisher for the type of fire to be extinguished.  If you would like help in selecting the right Fire Extinguisher please Contact Us.
Class A Class A Fire Extinguishers usage symbols
Class A:B Class A:B Fire Extinguishers usage symbols
Class A:B:C Class A:B:C Fire Extinguishers usage symbols
Class A:C

Class A:C Fire Extinguishers usage symbols

Class B:C

Class B:C Fire Extinguishers usage symbols

Class D

Class D Fire Extinguishers usage symbols

Class A:K

Class A:K Fire Extinguishers usage symbols

Fire Suppression Systems
The Protex II Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression System has been designed for protecting kitchen equipment and cooking appliances from grease fires. The versatile state-of-the-art wet chemical distribution technique, combined with dual, independent activation capability - automatic fusible link or manual release - provides efficient, reliable protection the moment a fire is detected. Once initiated, the pressurized wet chemical extinguishing agent cylinder discharges a potassium carbonate solution through a pre-engineered piping network and out the discharge nozzles. The wet chemical discharge pattern is maintained for a duration of time to ensure fire suppression and inhibit re-ignition. Expanded capability provides remote manual actuation, gas equipment shutdown, and electrical system shutdown.  The Protex II Fire Suppression System is UL 300 compliant.
Central Fire Protection Inc. sells, services and installs the Protex II Pre-Engineered Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression system.
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